Dustin Blaine


Vice President

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Dustin has been with Blaine for 15 years and has been brought up through the industry. Dustin has a business degree and has been a certified journeyman with the local 831 union for over 10 years. Dustin has also been deeply involved with clients and custom events and has been a member of the ESCA committee (Exhibition Services & Contractors Association) for over 5 years.

Dustin role as Vice President is to ensure the efficiency and quality of production. He assists in preparing new operating budgets and plans, establishes and implements cost control and cost reduction programs. He also oversees the performance and efficiency of our labor onsite.


  • Favorite NFL team: Chargers
  • Favorite pastime: Spending time with my adorable daughter
  • What you don’t know: built a high-performance motor from the block on up