For over 20 years Blaine has been dedicated to becoming more green and eco-friendly so we can reduce our environmental footprint. We have continued to adopt ‘green safe’ practices helping us reduce waste and consumption.

We know that in order to protect our environment, businesses must take responsibility for their actions. Blaine has accepted that responsibility and is moving forward with ‘green’ innovations that serve the client, the exposition industry and Blaine.



Blaine is working diligently to make sure unnecessary waste is a thing of the past. We take the materials used to create events and make them last.

Green Aluminum Modular Equipment

Octanorm is a leading manufacturer of aluminum modular systems. They have been providing ‘green’ friendly products for over 30 years. They set their sights on creating a product that is sturdy and reusable…not as a trend, but as a way of life. Blaine supports Octanorm by using and recycling their product in all of our booth use and construction.

Green Steel

We recycle the steel waste that results from custom booth and exhibit construction.

Green Carpeting

Events require a lot of carpet. That could amount to millions of yards being wasted and disposed of, unnecessarily, in landfills. At Blaine we take the time to clean and re-use aisle carpet in order to avoid excessive waste. Once our aisle carpet is sufficiently worn, the ‘good’ pieces are cut and reused as booth stock. Eventually the carpet will be downgraded and recycled as shipping crate lining. Blaine is also involved in a program that donates high grade aisle stock to be reused as carpeting for homes and apartment buildings. All carpet used at our events is 100% reusable and recyclable.



Foam Board

Blaine is moving in the direction of using all environmentally friendly and biodegradable foam board, as offered by the Gilman Brother’s Company. While we are making that transition we utilize all of our damaged or unusable boards as packing/shipping material for our trade event items.


Blaine uses Komatex reusable archival board for mounting many of our booth graphics. When part of the board becomes damaged, we cut the board down and reuse it for smaller graphic needs. The board is also used to make fabric wall panels, which are used as decorations, mounting graphics or coverings for cabinets or doors. We do our best to use and reuse Komatex, thus reducing waste.



Green Cleaning

Blaine uses recycled and bleached cotton t-shirts as an eco-friendly replacement for cleaning rags in all of our facilities.

Green Wastepaper Baskets

We offer a wide variety of ‘green’ options for your event needs. Cardboard wastepaper baskets and biodegradable wastepaper liners will replace plastic ones at your request.

Green Office Supplies

Working in an office requires a lot of printing. Blaine does its best to minimize the waste of ink, paper and toner. Many of the items we use are recycled in facilities across California.

Green Employees

Employees are encouraged to recycle their aluminum and plastic waste with recycling bins placed strategically throughout the Blaine office and break room.

Green Emissions

Blaine uses over 70% LP natural gas (propane) fuel as a replacement for standard gasoline in our carts, forklifts and other vehicles, resulting in improved safety and air quality.