I signed up for the event. How do I order Blaine’s services?

As soon as we receive your contact information from the event manager, we will send you an email login to our online marketplace. This login is exclusive to you, as it provides a secure payment portal for the rentals and services you order.


I have not received an email login. What should I do?

Please contact our Exhibitor Services department so they can verify your status. Once confirmed, we will email you your login or reset your password (if one has already been sent to you). You may contact Exhibitor Services by phone at (714) 522-8270 or by email at

I’ve successfully logged in. What should I order?

First, you’ll want to confirm what furnishings (if any) come with your booth space and if the facility is carpeted. You can find this information on your event’s homepage of our online marketplace. Depending on your exhibiting needs, you can now determine what equipment you want to rent and services you need to order. Make sure you place your order by the posted advance order deadline date. Ordering early can save you a considerable amount.

If you will be shipping your exhibit material to Blaine’s advance warehouse or directly to the event, you will need to estimate material handling charges. Please see our Material Handling FAQ’s to help you with your estimate.

If you need assistance with what you should order, please call Exhibitor Services. Our friendly ESMs are happy to help you with your order and suggest commonly ordered items.

Am I allowed to set up my own booth?

It depends, and our Exhibitor Services team is happy to help you determine whether union labor is required for your exhibit display set-up. In most cases, you may set up your exhibit display only if one person can accomplish this task in less than 30 minutes without the use of tools, including signs and carpet installation. The does not apply to the unpacking or placement of your merchandise.

I have hired another company to set-up and dismantle my exhibit display. What do I need to do?

If you will be using an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) for the set-up and dismantle of your booth, you will need to submit the “Non-Official Subcontractor Notice” form to Blaine no less than 30 days before the event. Once we receive your EAC notice, your EAC will need to submit their Certificate of Liability Insurance to Blaine (also 30 days before the event). Failure to comply with the 30 day deadline on both forms will result in your EAC not being authorized on the event floor.


I want to hang a sign over my booth. What do I need to order and what additional charges should I expect?

If overhead sign hangs are allowed at your event, you will need to place an order for our Sign Hang service for installation and dismantle. When placing your order, we will ask for start times so we know when to make our crew available for your sign hang. You may supervise the hang yourself or you may authorize Blaine to hang without your supervision. Most signs will require assembly by a certified rigger, so please expect a one hour assembly charge to be added to your invoice. In addition, most signs will require rigging hardware to secure the sign to the ceiling. Blaine will provide the hardware and the cost for the hardware will be added to your invoice. The hardware requirements will be determined onsite by a certified rigger.

To help the rigging crew prepare for your sign hang, we request that a line drawing, rendering or photo of your sign be sent to our Exhibitor Services team.



What should I bring with me to event site?

Make sure you bring all of your paperwork and documentation for any orders you placed with Blaine or the subcontractors (electrical, internet, AV, plant rental, etc.). Also, bring copies of all of your shipping paperwork so you know how many pieces were shipped, how it was shipped, tracking numbers, and contact information for your carrier. With your shipping paperwork, include information about outbound shipping, your carrier, and the destination address your shipment needs to go to after the event. Please make sure a pick-up has been scheduled for your outbound carrier by the posted check-in deadline for your event.


What do I do when I arrive at event site?

First, you will want to locate your booth on the event floor. If you need assistance, please visit the Blaine Service Desk and we will help you. Once at your booth, confirm that everything that should be in your booth is accounted for: booth package (if applicable to your event), ordered items from Blaine, electrical (if ordered), and your shipment. If anything is missing, please visit the Blaine Service Desk with your supporting documentation.


I ordered chairs, but do not see them in my booth.

As a safety precaution, we do not deliver chairs to booths until the end of move-in.

What if my shipments are not in my booth?

If you shipped to the advance warehouse and your shipment is not in your booth when you arrive for move-in, take your shipping and tracking information to the Blaine Service Desk. We will first determine if your shipment was received at the advance warehouse. If we have paperwork showing we received it, we will locate it as soon as possible.

If you shipped directly to the event and your shipment is not in your booth when you arrive for move-in, track your shipment to see if it has been delivered. If it has been delivered, take your shipping and tracking information to the Blaine Service Desk and we will contact our freight foreman to determine the delivery status of your shipment to your booth.

I ordered Blaine Display Labor (with my supervision). Where do I get my labor?

Please check in at the Blaine labor desk at the scheduled time you requested when you are ready to pick up your laborers.


What do I do with my empty containers?

You can pick up “Empty” stickers at the Blaine Service Desk. Please place at least one sticker on each piece with your company name and booth number. Our freight team will pick them up throughout move-in and will store them offsite for the duration of the event. Please make sure that your containers are completely empty, as they will not be accessible during the event. If you need accessible storage this can be arrange prior to move-in or onsite.

Post Event

How and when do I get my empty containers back?

In order for empty containers to be returned the event must be officially closed, attendees must be off the event floor, and aisle carpet must be rolled up. We ask that you keep all aisles clear to expedite this process. Labeled containers will start being returned as quickly as possible, which may take some time depending on the size of the event. Please keep this in mind when planning your travel arrangements. If you have to catch a flight or need to attend a meeting during move-out, we suggest ordering display labor services or arranging for priority storage, which will expedite your empty return.

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

Blaine’s online marketplace allows you to access your invoice at any time. You can also request a copy of your invoice at the Blaine Service Desk during move-out or by contacting our Exhibitor Service department. Please keep in mind that all files will be audited after the event is closed and additional charges (such as OT out) may be applied.


How does outbound shipping work?

Outbound shipping is not an automatic process and every outbound shipment requires a Blaine Material Handling Agreement (MHA) for each destination. You can get an MHA at the Blaine Service Desk if one has not already been filled out for you. The steps for outbound shipping are as follows:

  • If you are using an outside carrier, please make sure to schedule a pick-up with them prior to move-out. Your carrier needs to check in by the posted deadline time.
  • Pack all of your materials, label each item and leave them in your booth (Blaine has shipping labels at the Blaine Service Desk if needed).
  • Return your completed Blaine MHA and any corresponding carrier paperwork to the Blaine Service Desk.
  • If your designated carrier fails to check in by the posted deadline time, or if any materials are left on the floor without proper paperwork, Blaine reserves the right to re-route the shipment through the official event carrier or return the shipment to the Blaine Warehouse at the exhibitor’s expense.

What can I do if I did not schedule a carrier for my outbound shipment?

Blaine is responsible for clearing the entire event floor, so no shipment may be left with the facility for shipping at a later date. Blaine Transportation, the official event carrier, is a cost effective option for your outbound shipment. Please see a representative at the Blaine Service Desk to set up your shipment.

Also, in some cases, we offer a “Back to Warehouse” option where we will return your shipment to our warehouse for your carrier of choice to pick up at a later date. Please check with the Blaine Service Desk to see if this option is available.


I am picking up my exhibit materials in my own vehicle (POV). What do I need to do?

If a POV is picking up your materials at the loading dock, you must fill out a Blaine Material Handling Agreement (MHA). Once your materials are packed and ready to go, visit the Blaine Service Desk to get a MHA and we will help you fill it out.


Do I need to stay to supervise the movement of my items out of my booth space?

Please make sure your Blaine Material Handling Agreement is completed and turned in to the Blaine Service Desk before you leave. There will be no additional security available to watch your items, so if you have something valuable in your shipment, it is up to you to wait for your carrier to arrive or to hire a security guard. Also, do not label boxes with the contents (i.e., flat screen TV, lap top, etc.) if they are expensive materials.


Material Handling

What is the difference between shipping and material handling?

Shipping is the transportation of your shipment from you to the advance warehouse or event facility via the carrier of your choice.

Material handling, also known as drayage, includes the following services:

  • Receiving your shipment at the docks of the advance warehouse or event’s facility.
  • Unloading and inspecting your shipment.
  • Storing your shipment at our warehouse for up to 30 days (for advance warehouse shipments only).
  • Transporting your shipment from the advance warehouse to the event’s facility (for advance warehouse shipments only).
  • Delivering your shipment from the docks to your booth space.
  • Storing your empty containers during the event.
  • Returning your empty containers to your booth at the close of the event.
  • Moving your outbound shipment from your booth space to the loading dock.
  • Loading your shipment onto your outbound carrier.

It is important to find out if direct to event shipments are available at your event, as some events do not have this service. You can find this information on your event’s homepage of our online marketplace or you can call our Exhibitor Service department.


What company do I use for shipping?

While Blaine would love the opportunity to transport your exhibit shipment, you may choose any carrier that you like. We recommend that you use a trade event carrier for your shipment needs, as they have experience with trade event operations and deadlines. Please make sure your shipment is marked “prepaid,” as shipment sent “collect” will not be accepted. Also, we do not recommend using carriers such as UPS, FedEx, or other small package service carriers.

Blaine has recently launched Blaine Transportation for all of your logistical needs. We provide ground and air freight services nationwide and in Canada. To find out more or get a quote, click here.

What company do I use for material handling?

Blaine is the exclusive provider for material handling services at your event.

Is there a charge for material handling?

In most cases, yes. Please check our online marketplace or your exhibitor manual for the material handling rates that apply to your event. Material handling charges are based on the weight of your shipment and the order in which it is received (Crated/Skidded, Special Handling, or Uncrated). Pay special attention to move-in and move-out times to determine whether overtime charges may apply.


Can I carry my own materials to my booth?

In most cases, an exhibitor may only move material that is hand-carryable by one person in one trip. No one, other than the official contractor’s employees, is allowed to use dollies, hand trucks or other mechanical equipment.


Should I ship to Blaine’s advance warehouse or direct to event site?

We always recommend shipping to our advance warehouse versus direct to event, as there are many benefits that will put your mind at ease. By shipping to the advance warehouse:

  • You have plenty of time to confirm that your shipment was received at our warehouse and is in good condition.
  • All shipments received at our advance warehouse will be the first shipments to be unloaded at event site, which means your shipment will be in your booth by the time you arrive for move-in.
  • You will avoid any carrier delays (traffic, weather, etc.).
  • Blaine will warehouse your shipment for up to 30 days at no additional cost to you.

How do I order material handling services?

You can place an estimated order on our online marketplace with your estimated weight. You will be asked to put a method of payment on file, but you will not be charged for any material handling services until we receive your shipment. If you would like assistance with your estimated charges, please contact our Exhibitor Services department. We are happy to help!