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Blaine’s Exhibitor Service Management Team provides superior customer service to your exhibitors from start to finish. ESMs are available to your exhibitors from the moment they secure a booth space until that last shipment is sent out at the close of your event. Our ESMs keep in contact with your exhibitors in several ways to ensure they have the best possible experience at your event:

  • E-Notices: Blaine sends out a series of emails to your exhibitors to remind them of important dates and deadlines. The initial email introduces them to Blaine as your appointed service contractor and also informs them that their exhibitor kit is online and available. The last email provides exhibitors with last minute tips to ensure their success at your show.
  • Online Marketplace: Our online marketplace is a conscious effort by Blaine to stay green. It also provides an easy way for your exhibitors to order all of their event services and get important show information. Our system is user friendly and visually driven, making it easy to navigate.
  • Direct Marketing: Detailed exhibitor information that you provide to Blaine allows for a more meaningful and targeted conversation with your exhibitors. ESMs are able to determine where the exhibitor is located in the hall and the size of their booth, which allows us to introduce certain products and innovative ideas that would best suit their budget and help market their brand.
  • Live Chat: You and your exhibitors can now connect to a Blaine representative through online chat. From our website or online marketplace, you can simply click the chat icon and be connected immediately to one of our friendly ESMs.