• 19 Jan 2015 |
  • 05:09


I am sure you have seen them, because they are everywhere! You can find them on every major social network and more than likely, your competitors, customers and clients are already using them. #HASHTAGS

If you are not using a hashtag for your event, it’s time to! Hashtags increase awareness and visibility of your event.

By including a hashtag in your promotions, commentary, and post-event thank you’s, you are not only pulling a conversation together, but you are also making it easy for your attendees and audience to find photos and attendee interactions with your event…creating a buzz and awareness.

How to choose a hashtag?

Relevant: Your hashtag should reflect your event. Ex: Kids Expo (#kidsexpo2015)

Short: Your hashtag should be short and easy to remember.

Memorable: You want your attendees to use this hashtag when they are talking about your event and posting photos. With that said, you want them to be able to remember what hashtag is associated to your event without having to try and locate it every time they want to post something.

Let people know about your hashtag! This should be done before, during and after your event.

Build awareness: Your hashtag should be included in all of social promotions

Eavesdrop: Track your hashtag on social sites so you can thank people who use your hashtag or to join the conversation.

Be visible: Make sure to include your hashtag on all signage and printed material at your event (ie- registration, general session, etc.)

Join in: Be sure to engage with your attendees who are using the hashtag. You can repost comments, tweets and photos on Instagram or Facebook.

Gather posts from your event: You can search all social media sites or use a program like or to pull from all networks.

Create engaging experiences and do that by implementing hashtags for your events.

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