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The following guidelines for providing graphics files are optimal and are specified to ensure the highest quality output. Blaine’s graphics department, under most circumstances, is capable of quality graphical results from almost any source you can provide. If you are unable to provide digital artwork for your signage needs, we are capable of providing you with layout services. Additional fees will apply. Please contact Blaine for more details.

Acceptable file formats and image resolution for large format graphics:

  • Final image file resolution should be 150 dpi at 100% scale. This produces printed output at 600 dpi.
  • Preferred image formats include: .tif (TIFF), .jpg (JPEG), .eps (Encapsulated PostScript), .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format), .psd (Adobe Photoshop) and .ai (Adobe Illustrator).
  • Convert fonts to curves or paths before sending any artwork (Outlined All Text). This will resolve any missing font issues. Another option would be to send the fonts files with the artwork.

NOTE: Vector Art can be scaled to any size without loss of quality like a bitmap image file (TIFF, JPEG, PSD, etc.)

Vector Artwork

For the best quality, artwork should be created in vector format (ai or vector eps). Logos received from websites are generally 72 dpi gif’s or jpeg’s. These Web gif’s & jpg’s are not acceptable files & will not print clearly.

Artwork which is going to be produced in vinyl, for example; solid company logos or text, must be supplied in a vector format (ai or vector eps). Artwork created in a pixel format i.e. TIFF and JPEG is not suitable.

Bitmap / Raster Artwork

JPEG – We accept this format but ONLY if used to compress a file for ease of sending, the original artwork should have been created high resolution – 300dpi or vector eps to print at the best possible quality.

PDF – These are print files only and cannot be altered to fit different sizes, artwork must be set up at the correct proportion and at print ready quality. Make sure images are saved at high resolution (300dpi).

Color Set Up and Fonts

Color Set Up – If your artwork is using PANTONE Colors, please supply a Pantone color reference. Some colors are more likely to be achieved, but due to printer limitations, Pantone colors are matched to the best possible interpretation for the specific output device. Hard copies such as brochures or print outs can be used as a reference for color matching.

Fonts – Turn all fonts into outlines or convert to paths before sending the files. If you are using a program where this is not an option, YOU MUST INCLUDE ALL FONTS with your files.